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   The beautiful colored seahorses belong to the most magnificent and most remarkable organisms of the seas. Actually a seahorse is a fish, but a very strange looking fish. There are about 35 different species of seahorses spread all over the world, but only a small spectrum of this variety is frequently imported for aquarist purposes. While the smallest species, the dwarf seahorse, is just 1.5 inch in length, others achieve a body length up to 14 inch.

  When making the decision to keep Seahorses as pets, please keep in mind that they will need their own dedicated aquarium as there are few other reef fish, corals and invertebrates that are suitable tank mates for Seahorses. They also will not do well in the high water flow environments of the typical reef or fish aquarium.
  Prior to making any decisions, you should first be aware of what the Seahorse(s) will need as far as foods. Most Seahorses can be trained to take frozen / fresh foods but you should ensure you can obtain such foods on a regular basis. Being able to keep and/or raise your own live foods may become neccessary as not all Seahorses will readily adapt to dead foods. In all fairness to your new pets, please do as much research as possible before you make any purchases. I have listed a good many relevant links to articles that should answer your questions. If you need to ask others specific questions, then please become a member of the forum.  

   Species Listing  -  A listing of Seahorse species in which you can use to research which species of Seahorse you would like to keep as a pet pertaining to its adult size and any special needs.

    As noted above, there are concerns specific to Seahorses that you must become aware of through the study of how to properly care for them. If you have already maintained a reef aquarium, then half the battle is already won, as Seahorses are found in reef habitats and require the same water quality as other reef animals do. To further aid you in your research, I have listed what I have found to be very informative articles concering the care and feeding of Seahorses.

   SeaHorse Facts and Information for New Keepers  -  An extremely well thought out and informative article, a great place to get started.

   Seahorse Care : A basic guide to starting your first herd  -  Another good article on their care and common problems encountered.

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This mirror is being hosted with the permissions of the original content creator for preservation and educational purposes.