Sandimenes hirsutus

Presented by Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines
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( File & Specimen - CAR 042 )

 Date Collected: 08 July 2009
 Collected by : Charles Raabe through local fishermen
 Location :  Marigondon City, Mactan Island, The Philippines.
 Coordinates : Latitude : 10.273   Longitude : 123.986
 Depth : 10 meters
 Identified by :  Dr. A.J. Bruce
 Reference(s) : Sandimenes nov. gen., for Periclimenes Hirsutus Bruce, 1971 (Decapoda, Caridea, Pontoniinae)
 Notes :   A recently described genus (Bruce).  Sandimenes nov. gen.has been established for Periclimenes hirsutus (Bruce, 1971) based mainly on its unusual character of the dense, long tufts of setae on the ventral surface of the ambulatory propodi, and the general hirsuteness of the body and appendages.

 Host Species :  Are known as associates of Echinoids.

Photo plate by Charles Raabe

Photos by Charles Raabe

Photos by Charles Raabe

Photos by Charles Raabe


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