Periclimenes commensalis

Presented by Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines
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( File & Specimen - CAR 011 )

 Date Collected: 04 September 2008
 Collected by : Charles Raabe using SCUBA.
 Location :  Marigondon City,  Mactan Island,  The Philippines
 Coordinates : Latitude : 10.273   Longitude : 123.986
 Depth : 12 meters
 Habitat : Rocky slope, mixed coral reef.
 Identified by :  Dr. Ivan Marin
 Reference(s) :  
 Quote:  " This species can be and is quite often mistaken for a Laomones spp. as they are both commensal with Crinoids and have very similiar features.  The dactylus of this specimen looks "simple" with a small accessory tooth while it is clearly biunguiculate in Laomenes (althought the size of this tooth is also greatly variant within the genus).  The position of hepatic and antennal spines are closely situated in Laomenes spp., but more widely distributed in Periclimenes commensalis.  It is possible that Periclimenes commensalis is a complex of several species. "

   Host species:  Crinoid spp.

Photo plate by Charles Raabe

Photo plate by Charles Raabe
Photos by Charles Raabe

Photo plate by Charles Raabe


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