Alpheus lottini
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Presented by Charles & Linda Raabe
Mactan Island, The Philippines
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 Dated Collected: 08 August 2008
 Collected by : Charles Raabe
 Location : 25 feet deep commensal with a Pocillopora coral colony.. Marigondon City, The Philippines.
 Identified by :  Leslie Harris, Los Angeles Natural History Museum

 Reference(s) :  Marco Vannini. A Shrimp That Speaks Crab-Ese. Journal of Crustacean Biology, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Feb., 1985), pp. 160-167
 Abstract : "Pairs of the crab Trapezia ferruginea and the snapping shrimp Alpheus lottini live in very stable communities on Indo-Pacific pocilloporid corals. Both crabs and shrimps were observed to defend the coral against intruders of both species in the field. In the laboratory it has been shown that various appeasement patterns must be performed by an intruder shrimp towards a crab before the shrimp is accepted on the coral by the crab. These patterns appear to be borrowed from the crab's appeasement repertoire and are never performed between shrimps among themselves. The shrimp, as the weaker of the two, has to "learn" how to inhibit the stronger crab's aggression by using the crab's own language. "
 Notes : Other, smaller Caridean species were also found on the same Pocilloporid.

   Host species:  Pocillopora spp.

  Partner species :   Tetralia glaberrima
  Photo by Charles Raabe

Photo plate by Charles Raabe

Photo plate by Charles Raabe
Photos by Charles Raabe

Photo plate by Charles Raabe


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